The whole thing: supporting your project in composing, lyrics, arranging, recording, mixing. Whatever your project needs, let me bring your ideas and music forward through my experience, knowledge, skills and creativity. Flexible and individual approach for almost any budget.


You’ve put weeks, months, sweat and tears into your recordings and you want it to be perfect, right? You want that "big and professional" sound? Then let the pro do it. Prices start from 200 € per song, depending on genre, instrumentation, editing effort and number of tracks.


As a studio drummer, I can be heard on dozens of albums. I offer ready edited multitrack drums, including a folder with the drum tracks pre-mixed directly by me. I cover different styles, my biggest strengths are Pop, Rock, Metal and Progressive, both drums & percussion. Starting from 200 € p. Song.


Production, mix and drums – the whole thing is in good hands.

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Selected discography

Logo: Memento Mori
Logo: Feuerschwanz – Fegefeuer
Logo: Feuerschwanz – Das Elfte Gebot
Logo: Feuerschwanz – Todsünden
Logo: Feuerschwanz – Warriors
Logo: Subway To Sally - Himmelfahrt
Logo: Hey
Logo: Mitgift
Logo: Samsdooch
Logo: Schandmaul – Knüppel Aus Dem Sack
Logo: Artus
Logo: The Dark Side Of The Moon – Metamorphosis
Logo: Murphys Law
Logo: Fremdkörper
Logo: Ewig
Logo: Faey
Logo: Vroudenspil
Logo: Harpyie
Logo: Ecstasy
Logo: Kreuzfeuer
Logo: Wittelsbacher
Logo: Auto
Logo: Nordlicht
Logo: BtB
Logo: Feuerschwanz
Logo: Powerworld
Logo: Bleak
Logo: Freakshow
Logo: Schwarz in Schwarz
Logo: Nackt
Logo: Brachialromantik
Logo: Bastard
Logo: SL
Logo: Tief
Logo: Von den Elben
Logo: XXV
Logo: Golden Apples
Logo: Extrablatt
Logo: Inner Demon
Logo: Neon
Logo: Hertzmaschine
Logo: Sex is muss
Logo: Schlachthof
Logo: Oonagh
Logo: Moonbound
Logo: Auf's Leben
Logo: Faultier
Logo: Legends
Logo: Timestamps
Logo: Patty
Logo: Fauler Zauber
Logo: Sakrament
Logo: Methämmer
Logo: Ignis
Logo: Die letzte Schlacht
Logo: Escape
Logo: BTL
Logo: Coppelius – Abwärts
Logo: Coppelius – Kammerarchiv
Logo: Wolfenmond – Zauberkraft
Logo: Ghost Man On Third II
Logo: Ghost Man On Third I
Logo: Tomahead – All Goor It`s Worth The Pain
Logo: Tomahead
Logo: Vera Lux – Durch Die Schatten
Logo: Meinhard – Wasteland Wonderland